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24/7 Rotorua Emergency Tree Care

Looking for a trustworthy professional arborist in Rotorua? You never know when mishaps might happen. This is why we offer emergency tree care services in Rotorua.  With the history of storms in New Zealand and a few more hefty ones coming in the new future, we have prepared ourselves for the kind of damage that will require emergency tree service.
Some of these may be storm-related and some are not. In any case, it is good to be familiar with instances where you might need to call in professionals. 

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Signs that You Need an Emergency Tree Care​

Abnormal Leaning

If your tree is leaning in the wrong way, you may need to have it cut. For example, your tree might be leaning over a pathway or structure. As a rule of thumb, threes that lean from vertical requires emergency services. Our Rotorua arborist will have an ocular visit on your area and advice you whether you need to cut down your tree.

Decaying Roots

Trees with decaying roots are at risk of falling. The root system of your tree is the structural support system for your tree. If there is damage, a strong wind could cause some serious damage. 

Hollow Trunk

Did you know that the exterior of the tree can live longer than the interior? Oftentimes, the interior decays itself without you having knowing it. However, if one-third of your tree is already hollow inside, you need to have it cut. 

If you are still unsure about the hazard your damaged trees are causing, it is better on the safe side than sorry. Give us a call about and we’ll assess if you need emergency tree services. We also provide immediate services especially during difficult times such as storms and hurricanes. 

We will visit your location and give you a free estimate. We will also gauge the severity of the situation.

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