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Do you have a favourite tree but is in the wrong location? Or is there a tree that you simply need to remove because it has already posed a hazard to your home? Or are you just starting your business and you need to clear your property for construction?
Our tree specialist service will help you remove your tree the safest way possible. When considering a tree removal service, the first thing that you should as is that is the tree arborist insured? A large tree and an inexperienced tree removal service can be dangerous to your safety. You must find the best service in Rotorua.

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Preparations for Tree Removal

We don’t just cut trees right away. The following are the safety measures that we’ll undergo together before removing your beloved tree.

1.    Evaluation  
We evaluate the condition of your area and the risk involved, including the size and height of your tree. Next, we will recommend the safest tree removal method. We can remove all types of trees, especially pine trees and dead ash trees.

2.    Protection 
Once the tree and your property are fully inspected, our tree specialists will consider your surroundings. Without adequate protection, falling trees and heavy equipment can cause extensive damage to your landscape and nearby structures. 

The things that we will consider are the following:

  • Nearby structures such as houses, barns, etc
  • Nearby trees and shrubs
  • Fences, arbors, and other structures 
  • Paved patios or stone paths
  • Outdoor furniture, garden, or backyard dwellings
  • Potted plants
  • Distance between your home and your neighbour’s’ homes

3.    Planning for the best tree removal   
Trees are often bigger than what people think. After we have finalised everything, we will now create an action plant for the tree removal. Our plan will include how we will execute the tree removal, place leafy branches after they’re cut off, and the aftercare. 

4.    Notice and tree removal 
We understand that tree removal can pose risks to your home and nearby structures. This is why we also send notice to you and your neighbour’s before we begin extracting your tree. Cooperation is key to ensuring a smooth tree removal service. Especially in dense neighbourhoods, we exercise due diligence in accessing parking spaces and suburban areas. 

Given the many risks involved in cutting down a tree, we always recommend that you contact a tree removal specialist who is fully insured and experienced. After many years in the tree removal business, our team is your best choice for tree removal in Rotorua.

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Why Do You Need to Remove a Tree

There are many reasons for removing a tree such as road clearing or road widening. Some trees also need to be cut down when a strong storm is coming. It provides protection for every from trees suddenly falling on the road and causing injuries. It doesn’t matter how many trees you have in your area. Or whether you want to do it to protect your home or you’re starting a business, we’ve got you covered.  Contact us today so we can discuss about the details of the tree removal project.

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